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Commercial and Residential Services by Extravagant Painting

Power Washing

Whether it is a deck or a concrete surface Extravagant Painting can power wash the surface and remove mold, moss, grease and other grime from your structure. With our years of experience we understand the correct methods for removing dirt (in whatever form) from your building or deck.

We utilize hi-lift equipment to reach multi-story commercial structures. Power washing is often a pre-requisite to a great painting job. It removes embedded pollutants that cause paint to prematurely lose addhesion to the building surface. Power washing envolves high pressure water which if improperly deployed can result in property damage and or personal injury. Leave the power washing to Extravagants Paintings highly experienced sub-contractors.


Often when you are repainting or even when building a new structure there are odds and ends of drywall repair, retaping or surface leveling that need to be done. No need to call in another contractor, Exravagant Painting can handle your drywal needs too!

Our professional subs can patch small holes, re-panel entire walls or start from scratch and hang new drywall for a room addition. We excel in surface preparation so your walls will have a smooth even surface. With our expert painting you will be left with beautiful walls custom finished to your liking.

Removal and Replacement

If you are in an already occupied space chances are you will have wall hangings, drapes, blinds or furniture that need to be removed before surface preparation and painting can begin.

We will remove and replace your pictures and other decorations. We make sure they are re-hung properly and securely. Giving you the freedom to enjoy your newly finished surrondings knowing the job has been done right.

Cleaning, Restoration, Surface Preparation

With Extravagant Painting you will be in experienced hands. With over eighteen years of experience we have pretty much done it all. We utilize the proper equipment for the job. We treat each contract with the same attention to detail and professionalism we would require for our own property. We can handle any job from small home improvement projects to large commercial contracts. We have experience in multi-story and large footprint commercial property. We know that there is far more to a fine painting job than just painting. We are fully qualified to prepare your project so the job will look its best and bring a good return on your investment. We take care and pride in removing and replacing items that need to be out of the way so the job can be done correctly. We do a great job on preparing your project surfaces whther they are new or ready for repainting. We offer a one year warrenty ogainst pre-mature blistering or pealing. Contact us Monday through Friday for an estimate on what it takes for your particular needs.

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